I believe everything was very well explained and also allows for reference in the future....This module helps to fill gaps in any aquarists knowledge and allows you to learn and build up your understanding from a reputable and trusted source. It is also a great reference tool, especially if you print out the modules and store them clearly in a folder. Im sure it will be used for many years to come!... (The Learning Management System),It works very well and is clear and concise. I have not currently had an issue with it, other than the time the website was down (which was only for one hour)....I think this is an invaluable source for all working within the aquatic industry. Something like this has been desperately needed for such a long time within the industry and should really be compulsory in many cases. It allows home learning, is well explained and is directly relevant to a number of professions. It allows you to learn with the confidence that it was written by a world renowned expert, allowing you to take the vast majority of information directly from one source all the way through to completion.........But I do truly believe it’s the perfect resource for anyone working within public aquaria. I have seen many people come through the ranks after going to university, but there is no course for aquarists or actual dedicated fish studies at university. I have come across many students studying marine biology, zoology, ecology etc. All of these courses are great and give a good overall View of the environment and the industry. But the e-quarist course is dedicated and precise and tailored for what we need. I know there are people in parts of the UK that would be crying out to do the course!

Gary Hicks, SeaLife Sydney Aquarium, Australia, previously United Kingdom,