Aquatic Animal Welfare Module

Welcome to The Aquarium Vet Aquatic Animal Welfare Module of the E-quarist course. To our existing students, we simply say enjoy. If you are new to the E-quarist course this module will give you a taste of the wonderful learning opportunity that awaits you if you wish to study other modules.

The module will take about three hours to complete, including a short examination. After passing the examination, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion.

Aquatic Animal Welfare is advancing rapidly and this module will be updated every 3 or 4 years. The Aquarium Vet hopes that you find this module helpful in improving the welfare of the animals in your care. We always appreciate any feedback or comments. In future we will include more Case Studies as to how these welfare principles are applied. Please feel free to submit any such Case Studies that we can include in future versions.

This module represents a toolbox that using this information, a Curatorial / Husbandry team are capable of reviewing each individual display at their institution with a fresh set of eyes to advance the welfare of their aquatic animals.

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