I found the content to be really in-depth for this particular module (1), the use of pictures and diagrams was great with assisting the learner is understanding fully what is being explained. It did take me a while to get around the terminology (even reading the glossary) but that is also due to a lot of these specific terms being rather new to me....I feel far more confident in explaining and understanding the intricacies of how the anatomy works, and how purpose driven every organ or system is in how it works. I also really enjoyed learning more about the specifics around the atom exchanges and the chemistry side of it. That was paired up with the biology component really really well....I think its (Learning Management System) great. I really like the fact I can resume to exactly where I was with studying or in the examination, without having to start again, it allowed the learning process to be really fluid and fun....I got a lot out of this module, I can’t wait to start on the next one once my team catches up.

Nick Ritchie , PetStock, Victoria, Australia,