I found everything in unit one was explained exceptionally well. The detail about each organ and the likes went right into depth. There were a few things that stood out, some simple and some that went into a little more detail. I found how the fish’s organs work and how they not only differ from humans but within the different species as well. The gills are what fascinate me the most. Its exciting to learn how they operate, what they look like and how it all ties in together with everything else. Finding out how much oxygen passes over the gills and what they look like under a microscope is truly amazing. Also just a simple thing which I have never really taken much notice of is the position of the mouth will determine where the fish swims and eats. The whole course has made me better understand the way they operate and will help me in my workplace by knowing exactly what water parameters can do to the functioning of a fish and to its organs. Knowing how much oxygen is needed to pass over the gills to keep them alive and in a relatively stress free environment is also of importance. I can now make quicker and more precise decisions if my fish are sick and that could potentially save a fair few lives. Although I only deal with freshwater fish which is probably the bread and butter of the hobbyist’s tank, the knowledge gained from this module has been outstanding. I never thought there was so much going on and what makes all of it all tie in together. My knowledge is passed onto colleagues and customers so they too can be more aware of what can and can’t go wrong. For anyone that is thinking about not only this module but the others as well, I would highly recommend it as I have learnt so much. I could write easily a 10 page document saying what I have learnt just in one module. Thanks to Rob and his team for taking the time to pass on the information and expertise, truly inspirational. Also the webinars are fantastic and give that bit of a refresher on different pasts of each module.

Katharine Joveski – Aquarium Shop Employee,