The author’s enthusiasm is evident in the dialogue. It gives an excellent overview of the complicated, unique, and diverse biology and physiology of fish which is essential in management and care. It is also very practical as it deals with every day application of procedures and skills required to assess and diagnose illness. The photographs are excellent. Overall it seems to maintain a professional and caring philosophy regarding these animals which appeals to me as a veterinarian. Some of the information is basic to me with my background however much is completely new and foreign. The webinars are also quite good…… I see it as a general overview of the necessary knowledge required for caring for fish. It is meant to be practical and “hands-on”, not an exploration is research-based literature (however the information is well supported). As a veterinarian this course was everything I was looking for while I still continue to work for a living. I do recommend it to anyone working with fish.

Sandra – Ontario, Canada,